Apr 21 2012 16:57 75 notes

  • I never used to like Kpop, until I heard Jonghyun from SHINee singing. I hate how everyone thinks that I fell for his looks first, when his voice has captured me.” - Anonymous

Apr 12 2012 23:12 1 note

how can I submit a confession with photo ?

I’m not really too sure about that either, anon.

Apr 12 2012 16:05 33 notes

  • I need to be honest, the ”careless careless, anonymous…” part in EXO’s MAMA is freaking me out. It’s stuck in my head, and I feel like I’m in one of those horror movies when I hear it..” - Anonymous

Apr 12 2012 16:02 98 notes

  • I get sick at the thought that I might not ever get to see them live.” - Anonymous

Apr 6 2012 0:36 17 notes

  • " How can Hyuna be so adorable in heart2heart and then an attention whore in bubble pop? =.=” - Anonymous

Apr 6 2012 0:33 26 notes

  • " Kpop inspires me to be a better person. But it also destroys my self esteem because I’ll never be a pretty as the girls!” - Anonymous

Apr 6 2012 0:29 96 notes

DBSK is actually the only K-POP group I’ve ever come across, where all the members can actually sing really well. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not even a Cassie, and I freakin’ love K-POP, but it’s like most idol groups focus more on looks and on screen entertainment rather than actual singing.” - anisahsekai 

Apr 1 2012 4:22 56 notes

  • EXO will be successful. Even if they’re bad, they’d be successful. Know why? Because they are under SME.” - Anonymous

Mar 30 2012 11:01 31 notes

  • "My mom is a bigger Jay Park fan then I am. I even bought her his album for mother’s day." - Anonymous

Mar 29 2012 1:37 4 notes

Picture about SM plastic surgery!

LOL, why use SHINee? They’ve never


Yes, I understand that SHINee hasn’t received as much plastic surgery that the others have gotten. I only used that picture because SHINee and Girl’s Generation seemed to be the only pictures I had and I was in kind of a rush. SHINee did have a little bit and I only used them to show that it was SM that they were talking about. I wasn’t saying that they all had received plastic surgery. Didn’t want you to think that way so I wanted to post this up!